Share your projects. Freelancers|Professors|Students|Community get visible.

Organize and showcase your projects to an audience of your peers and potential employers. Become more visible within and outside your circle by collaborating with colleagues and groups.

An introductory overview to Project Ila.
Learn how our platform can be used to expand the reach of your work outside your friends and close collaborators

Easily Manage Your Project

Add, edit and update your project profile as well as personal information with ease.

Boost your popularity

Contribute in more projects to grow your network and gain more followers as well as recommendations.

Downloadable content

Employers can download your projects with ease using our PDF downloader.

Engage and collaborate

Work Together, Build Together. Show freely.

Projectila visibility
Increase your visibility

Engage thousands of viewers with a grand summary of your work.

Projectila giveaways

Automatic participation in new users and referral giveaway.

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Collaborate on various projects with colleagues. Ila helps keep them all organized for easy viewing and download.

Expertise Forums

Share project ideas and view the opinion of others. Ask questions. Share job openings.

Academic Communities

Join a community of people from the same academic affiliation. Invite others to grow your community.

Get Recommended

Have others recommend and validate the quality of your work through one-click recommendations.

Gain an Audience

Get followed by mentors, collaborators and employers. Follow others and receive project updates.

Progressive Project Management

Create your project and progressively update it as the work continues. Add relevant milestones and links.

100% Secure

Users' security is of utmost importance to Project Ila. Choose only what you wish to reveal.


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