Dinko DeFi Dating Token

Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts . Dinko Dating Programmer

Start: 11/2021   End: 11/2030

A collection of new and unique dating features makes the Dinko dating project one of a kind. The Dinko dating project is focused on building a decentralized protocol for a new concept in dating and matchmaking for all gender and views. In the end, the goal of the Dinko dating project is to provide the user a well rounded experience. Such that even if they do not meet an initial goal of finding partners, they are able to learn how to approach potential mates with more experience or garner friends with similar interests while using our platform. While doing all these, they pay less to the service, keep more of their money and potentially make more money with trading or creating content for other users.

dinko front image
Project Lauch and Brand Development
Marketing and Beta testing
Plan DinkoWoosh
Listing and App preview
App Grand Launch
Personal funds from founders of the project